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“Ondine’s story is dedicated to all those men and women I will never meet in person, and whose lives collapsed on a beautiful day, condemned to an incurable illness. It is my hope that Ondine’s story will be like a ray of sunshine, a pleasant interlude, in their daily wrestle. And when they feel depressed, defeated and overwhelmed by their fate, I would like to remind them that, for as little as we know with certitude, for wealthy or poor, for healthy or sick, for old or younger, for all of us, sooner or later, at the end of our journey through the space called Life, there it is, majestic in its implacable serenity, silently awaiting… the EXIT.”
by Author Liliana Badd


When I first opened the novel, EXIT by Liliana Badd, I was caught off guard by a quote from John Eldredge. These three paragraphs made me stop in my tracks and read and reread the quote because I think just about every woman can relate to the simple words written. From this point on, I was instantly engaged in the novel- from page one to the very end. How deeply I was intrigued by this novel was slightly odd to me because it is not my typical choice of novel. But none the less, Ordine’s story captured my attention and drew me in to every detail of her life.

I was able to relate to Ordine’s life lessons on so many levels, it was quite surprising. Even though my path in life is completely different than Ordine’s I was still able to relate to many of the thoughts she had and lessons she had learned. Author Liliana Badd did such an excellent job portraying Ordine’s character and emotions, that by the end of the book, she no longer appeared to be a character in a book. By the book’s end, she appeared to be an everyday person, who could be your mother, your sister, or your friend. The level of intimacy author Liliana Badd captured within the character truly is what makes this book great.

Highly recommended!
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